Thursday, December 11, 2008

Care and Maintenance

Red Wing boots are built to last. Our sturdy soles, hand tanned leathers, triple stitching and welt construction all work together to make them last forever. However, how well you care for your Red Wings will go a long way in making sure they do last forever.

It takes over 230 steps to hand craft each pair of Red Wing boots; it takes only 3 easy steps to keep them looking good. Because we use different types of leathers for our boots, be sure to follow the steps for the specific type of leather used in your boots. If you’re not sure of the type of leather used for your Red Wings, go to the product section of the website and find your style. The website will identify the type of leather for each Red Wing style. Your Red Wing retailer can help you locate each of the Red Wing care products described below.

Step One. Clean.

Always clean off excess dirt from your footwear to prevent excess wear and drying. Boots should be dried naturally in a cool dry place. High heat can remove the oils in the leather.

Waterproof Leather: Clean with warm water and a stiff bristle brush.

Suede or Roughout Leather: Remove dirt with a Suede Cleaner Bar.

Oil Tanned or Dry Tanned Leather: Remove excess grime with Red Wing Leather Cleaner

Step Two. Condition.

Proper conditioning will help preserve the finish and life of your footwear.

Waterproof Leather: Red Wing Mink Oil is the recommended conditioner

Dry Tanned, Suede or Roughout Leather: Use Red Wing Silicone

Oil Tanned Leather: Use Red Wing Boot Oil, Leather Conditioner or Mink Oil

Step Three. Protect.

The final step is to add extra protection to preserve your footwear investment.

Red Wing Leather Protector provides an invisible shield from water, dirt, oil and mud.