Sunday, October 21, 2007

Red Wing Technical Specs

Red Wing boots combine the very best components with superior craftsmanship to make footwear that works with your feet – and your job. We don’t compromise – and that’s what sets Red Wing boots apart. Before we design a boot, we examine how it will be used – and who will be using it.
Then we select the best materials and designs that meet our strict criteria. While others may use similar materials, no one can touch the proprietary, manufacturing techniques and design styles that make a Red Wing the best for your body.

Red Wings are built from the ground up. The bottom consists of technically superior footbeds, insoles, shanks, midsoles and outsoles.
These components are attached to the upper, which consists of A-select full grain leathers, linings, waterproofing, hardware and counters.
The information that follows provides detailed descriptions of these components.

At Red Wing we use only A-select full grain leather (the best of the best) to make our boots and
shoes superior to others in the marketplace. But we don’t stop there. For each boot we select the right leather to match the typical working conditions and environment in which the boot or shoe will be used.

Leather Performance Measures
Refers to the general firmness of a particular leather usually rated on a scale from 1 the firmest to 10 the softest.
Weight: Refers to the thickness of the leather. The ranking from thinnest to thickest is: LM, M, HM, H, HH, PHH, HHH.
Water-Resistant: Describes leather that has been tanned to resist moisture penetration, allowing water and other liquids to run off in order to keep the foot dry.
Waterproof: Describes leather that has been tanned and treated so that water cannot penetrate and the foot is kept dry under all conditions.
Full Grain: Refers to the outermost layer of leather whose grain has not been corrected or reduced. This is the highest quality leather available.
Barnyard Acid-Resistant: Specially treated for the unique elements associated with farms including manure, urine, fertilizers and herbicides.
Polishable: Refers to leather that can be polished, is easily cleaned and has a tight surface to reduce absorption.

In selecting the right lining material for Red Wing boots, we consider everything. What other materials are going to be used? Where will the boot be worn? Under what conditions will the boot be exposed? Only after a complete understanding of the boot’s needs, can we match the right lining to the job.

Brushed Tricot: A nylon that is knit and processed to deliver soft comfort and durability while keeping the foot dry.
Cambrelle®: This non-woven synthetic fabric provides excellent breathability and durability and is the world’s best-known and most-used branded shoe lining. Cambrelle® possesses superior abrasion resistance ensuring you won’t wear a hole in the lining.
Dri-Lex®: This two sided lining fabric keeps the foot dry and cool by pulling moisture away from the foot and sock. Approved by APMA for use in footwear.
Alpine: While providing a soft touch, this lining moves moisture away from the foot and is treated to be anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.
Twill: A cotton duck fabric that allows even shaping of the footwear to the foot, breathes well and dries quickly.

A waterproof boot is created when the shoe and its materials are treated so the water cannot penetrate through the boot to the foot.
In heavy-duty work boots, Red Wing uses GORE-TEX® for the ultimate in comfort and protection. GORE-TEX® has over 9 billion pores per square inch that prevents water from getting to your feet while allowing sweat vapor to pass right through keeping your feet dry and comfortable in all conditions.
RW Waterproofing System with Sympatex Bootie is a waterproofing system that uses a bootie surrounding the foot to keep water out. The three layer system has an inner moisture wicking fabric that moves moisture away from the foot.

Insulation protects the body from cold by trapping the body’s own heat and preventing it from escaping.
Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation:
A product of 3M, Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation sets the standard in lightweight insulation. Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation combines moisture resistance, breathability and warmth in one package. Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation even retains its insulating ability in damp conditions.

The footbed is what you feel most when you walk. It must be tough, stable and soft all at once. All of our footbeds are designed to keep your heel from flattening, receive impact and send it in the right direction (heel-outer foot-ball-big toe). We use technically superior materials to ensure healthy walking day after day.

Cambrelle® Covered Polyurethane: This footbed gives you lasting comfort by adding the durability and abrasion resistance of Cambrelle® to the shock absorption of Red Wing’s specially formulated urethane.
ComfortForce®: This removable unit features unique Venturi air perforations to help keep feet cool and dry all day. The special weave pattern helps channel the energy caused by walking and the arch is curved to add extra comfort. The dual density dissipates shock, keeping your feet from tiring as the workday wears on.
Dual Density Urethane/Comfort Supreme: Using two unique urethanes, specially formulated by Red Wing, this footbed allows for superior energy channeling and comfort.
FoamTech™ SD: Combines brushed polyester, open cell polyurethane and SD material composed of polyester and conductive fibers that results in a footbed that is extremely breathable and static-dissipative.
Nylon Tricot Covered Polyurethane: Combines the superior shock absorption and breathability of an open cell polyurethane with the durable plushness of nylon tricot.
RedBed™: Advanced comfort via 4-layer construction of moisture managing fabric cover, impact absorbing urethane foam, heel and motion wrap-around stabilizer and heel strike gel elastomer cushion pad. Also features perforated ventilation, instep supporting columns,
longitudinal arch support and engineered heel wall geometry for upper heel strike control.
SD Foil/Felt Cushion: This part urethane, part vinyl material allows for the dissipation of static combined with the soft texture of felt.
Urethane w/ PORON® heel: Combines the unique shock absorption quality of these materials to ensure your comfortable all day.
Formatic: An unrivaled infrastructure constructed on a polyurethane shelf with gel pads and self-customizing cork EVA.

The insole keeps the rest of the components working together. Below the insole you have stability, cushioning and wear resistance. From the insole up, there’s comfort, stability and shock absorption working with the shape of your foot. Our insoles help the boot maintain its shape so the rest of the comfort features perform at optimum levels.
Traditionally, insoles have been measured in “irons,” with each 1.5 iron representing .8 millimeters or 1/32 of an inch. Insoles vary in thickness to match the needs and features of the entire boot.

Bon-Foam®: Utilizes the unique open cell structure of Bon-Foam® material with Bontex® to enhance the flow of air and help keep the foot cool and dry while adding to underfoot cushioning.
Leather, Leather Covered Cushion: Provide excellent moisture absorption in a lightweight natural material.
PORON®, PORON® w/ Fleece: This material is used for its three unique characteristics: cushioning, durability and lightweight combined with superior midsoles and outsole to provide long lasting comfort and stability. The comfort of fleece is added to insulated boots.
SD Foam: This part urethane, part vinyl material allows for the dissipation of static combined with the soft cushion of foam.
Texon®: This material is ideal due to its durability and lightweight. It only flexes in one direction (across the ball of the foot) to assist in the proper walking motion.

Shanks provide structural and torsional rigidity to a boot and ensure the boot flexes near the forefoot and not the heel. Also, a shank prevents you from feeling pain when you step on a shovel while digging.

Fiberglass: Lighter than steel but with exceptional strength. Fiberglass shanks don’t set off metal detectors in airports and secure building sites.
Steel: Made from one of the most durable and dependable materials on earth, Red Wing uses steel shanks to support your feet.
Lineman: Wider than traditional steel shanks, it is designed to provide extra strength and support to withstand the rigors of climbing.
TC Tech™ / H-Tech Plate: Provides lightweight torsional stability with an anatomically contoured shank plate. This component is an integrated piece of nylon designed with a solid instep area for multidirectional strength and a series of “fingers” that extend toward the
ball of the foot to allow flexibility.

In the midsole, cushioning and stability are the main jobs. Most boot companies use primarily the same materials. The difference is how they’re put together. We take extra care in the midsole to ensure cushioning and foot stability stay constant for the life of the boot, rather than wear down prematurely. Most of the materials used in most midsoles are measured in “irons” which refers to the thickness of the material – the more “irons” the thicker the material.
Black 4 Iron: Made of nitrile rubber to add just the right amount of cushioning.
White 5 Iron SBR: Thicker than the Black 4 Iron to provide more comfort.
6 Iron Neoprene: This non-porous material provides superior oil resistance and excellent adhesion for long life.
7 Iron Hi-Tech: This low density blown rubber offers lightweight and flexibility for added comfort.
71⁄2 Iron Hi-Tech and Steel Flex: Combines the comfort and lightweight of low-density rubber with the puncture resistance of stainless steel.
Black 7 Iron Oil-Resistant: Made from low density blown rubber this midsole combines lightweight, flexibility and oil resistance.
Black 71⁄2 Iron Hi-Tech: Our thickest midsole for all day comfort.
Blown Polyester: Cushioning, lightweight and oil resistance in one midsole.
Leatherboard: Offers the support and solid foundation needed for heavy work and the durability for long days.
Leatherboard and Black Rubber: Combines the stability and solid foundation of leather with the cushioning and durability of rubber.
Steel-Flex®: This stainless steel midsole protects your foot against punctures.

Our outsoles perform two functions. They withstand abuse from below, yet aren’t so rigid your body “jars” with impact. They also cushion, but not to the point your feet tire out. We use specially formulated urethane and rubbers to achieve the perfect outsole for the right condition.

Urethane: We mold our urethane outsoles using a unique formula that puts cushioning and durability in a lightweight boot.
Rubber: Rubber outsoles are both high heat resistant and abrasion resistant. They are durable enough to last through your longest days and provide excellent resistance to cuts and scratches.
Crepe: This cellular rubber gives you the durability of traditional rubber with less weight so your feet and legs don’t tire as the day goes on.

At Red Wing we use a wide variety of methods to build our boots because they are used in so many different ways and under different conditions. Each construction method combines the very best materials in the manner most appropriate for the job. With our methods, as with
our materials, we don’t compromise – that’s what sets Red Wing apart.

Construction Methods:
In Cement construction the upper and insole are cemented onto the entire surface of the outsole resulting in a flexible lightweight boot and a perfectly fitting outsole that requires no trim.
Direct Attach, Molded Direct Attach: Our Direct Attach shoes are specially designed to make our boot lighter and more flexible without sacrificing durability. With this method, the sole chemically bonds directly to the boot in manufacturing, providing optimal durability and flex.
Welt, Goodyear Welt, Leather Welt, Storm Welt, SuperSole® Welt: With welt construction, the sole is stitched to the rest of the boot at the welt. Used throughout the industry, welt construction has set the standard for stability and strength. Red Wing’s welt construction shoes are a notch above the rest because they’re built the Red Wing way, where every part of the boot is handcrafted, using only the highest quality materials.


Tempered steel toe caps that meet ASTM F 2413-05, I/75 C/75 standards for impact and compression.

Non-metallic toe caps designed for metal sensitive areas that meet ASTM F 2413-05, I/75 C/75 standards for impact and compression.

Boot construction that keeps feet dry in wet conditions.

Layers of insulating components to provide warmth in cold environments.

Extra protection from accidental contact with electrically energized objects. Meets ASTM F 2413-05 standards.

Stainless steel midsole reduces foot injuries due to sole puncture. Meets ASTM F 2413-05 standards.

Equipped with a guard that protects the metatarsal area and toes from falling objects. Meets ASTM F 2413-05 standards.

Helps control the amount of electrical discharge from the body, ideal for sensitive electronic environments. Meets ASTM F 2413-05 standards.